Customer Focus

Each and every one of us is committed to contributing to understanding and fulfilling customer expectations within the scope of his or her area of responsibility and activities.

Equipment and Processes

We attach great importance to the fact that the equipment and processes we use guarantee maximum functional reliability and robustness. We achieve this through suitable preventive measures during planning and implementation, as well as through rapid troubleshooting during operation.

Risk Management

We design our workplaces and internal processes with the aim of minimizing the risks of disruption to the customer. We have already prepared suitable emergency concepts.


Only the regular collection of measurement data and key figures enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of processes and plants, to continuously set new targets and to initiate suitable measures for improvement.


We continuously develop products and processes further by orienting ourselves on the best available technology, taking its economic efficiency into account and ensuring that the necessary personnel and financial resources are available.

Zero Defect Strategy

We are also convinced that an open exchange of information with suppliers and service providers as well as the passing on of quality standards in the supply chain sustainably supports our zero-defect strategy.


With regular training we promote the quality awareness of our employees and communicate the constantly changing and high expectations of our customers to us.