Passenger Vehicle Door Panel Body Production Innovation

This project, which is the Applicant's important innovation project, will create conditions for further research and innovation processes in the Company leading to further innovation of our automotive component range. The aim is to gain new business mainly on the European and U.S. markets and in all foreign manufacturing plants of our existing business partners. The main economic goal of the project is to strengthen our position on the market and to gain a perspective of a long-term, ongoing increase of our turnover. As for the profit rate, we estimate stable future profit and also its growth during the first years after the project implementation.

The main positive impacts of the project:

  • Its implementation will substantially improve work efficiency, thus reducing our manufacturing cost.
  • The acquisition of a new machine will substantially reduce tact times hence substantially reducing the load of our existing high energy demand machines
  • The project will substantially reduce our raw material consumption thanks to lower scrap rates
  • The project will reduce noise and dust levels in manufacturing areas
  • It will improve occupational safety and health at the workplace

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