Through regular training, we promote the safety awareness of our employees in their work and help to minimise the potential for accidents.

Reporting Obligation

We report faults and defects in processes and equipment to the supervisor immediately.

Safety Equipment

We always wear the personal protective equipment if it is prescribed and required.

Duty of Care

We take care of our own safety and that of our colleagues and visitors.

Security Prevention

We immediately report imminent dangers to the supervisor and avert them, provided we do not endanger ourselves by doing so.


We continuously improve processes and facilities with regard to their safety impact by using the best available technology. The effectiveness of the protective measures is regularly monitored and evaluated with suitable key figures.

Role Model

Our management and supervisors act as role models for the occupational safety measures taken and have faults and deficiencies rectified immediately

Risk Minimisation

The design of our workplaces and processes follows the demand for ergonomics and minimisation of risks. As managers, we also create the necessary organisational and financial framework conditions to implement the required measures.

Compliance with the Law

We procure and operate all plant and machinery in accordance with the applicable laws and directives.