Customer Protection

Each one of us is obliged to ensure that information and know-how from customer projects are not passed on to third parties within the scope of his area of responsibility and his activities.

Enterprise Protection

It is important to us that we do not pass on any information from our activities, operational processes or incidents to third parties. In this way we also contribute to a positive image of the company and do not offer a target for competitors.

Information Security

We have undertaken not to use, pass on or make available to third parties any operational information outside the company.

Data protection

We comply with the legal regulations on data protection.


We support our employees' understanding of information protection with regular training courses. In addition to implementation, we also communicate the risks that can arise for all parties involved in the event of misuse.


We also provide the human and financial resources to ensure professional advice from our appointed data protection officer as well as to use the technical systems for comprehensive information protection.


We also pass on our claim to information protection to suppliers and service providers without restriction when awarding contracts.