Legal Compliance

We comply with laws and regulations.


Our business partners are treated fairly and with respect. Small gifts will only be given with the consent of the partner and must not influence the partner's decision-making process.

We also only accept small gifts and hospitality on usual occasions and do not accept financial or other benefits under any circumstances.

Information Security

Personal data will be respected and treated confidentially. Our information security policy ensures the correct handling of confidential information from employees and partners.


To the extent required by law or required by customers, valid regulations are systematically made available to employees.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest between the activities in our company and the involvement in other companies and associations of any kind must be avoided.


In our decisions, we neither let ourselves be bribed by suppliers nor do we attempt to bribe our customers.

Equal Treatment

No applicant or employee will be disadvantaged based on gender, disability, age, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief and sexual identity.

Social Responsibili­ty

In our companies, employees are only employed from the age of 16. The protection of minors is guaranteed. We respect the right to freedom of association and reject forced labour and human trafficking. We oblige our suppliers to observe these principles through our delivery and quality conditions.


All managers apply our principles of personnel management and observe our rules of cooperation.


Our employees are responsible for the buildings and equipment as well as other operational items. They avoid unnecessary costs and use telephone, e-mail and internet appropriately and exclusively for business purposes. We are aware of our social responsibility towards our environment.


All employees are obliged to comply with and implement this directive. Violations must be reported to supervisors, to the Environmental and Safety Reporting Office or to management. No employee may be discriminated against on the basis of such a report.