All procedures and processes are designed to comply with legal and official regulations in the areas of environment, energy and occupational safety.

Climate Protection

We are reducing energy use and will use low-emission energy to achieve the goal of CO₂ neutrality in our manu­facturing processes by 2030. This target also applies to our suppliers.


We promote the safety and environmental awareness of our employees by regular training courses. In this way, we contribute to using energy and materials sparingly, avoiding waste and minimizing the potential for accidents.

Equipment and processes

Our equipment and processes are as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible: both natural resources and materials are used sparingly and efficiently and the environmental impact of emissions and waste is reduced to a minimum.

Risk Management

The handling and production of environmentally hazardous substances is unavoidable. Minimizing risks for people and the environment if substitution is not possible is a matter of course and mandatory. Sustainable action is not an option, but a duty that we take responsibly.


Only a regular collection of measurement data and key figures enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of processes and plants, to set continuously new targets and to initiate appropriate measures.


Products and processes are continuously optimized with a view to their environmental impact and energy use. This requires orientation towards the best available technology, consideration of its cost-effectiveness and the provision of the necessary human and financial resources.


We know that an open exchange of information with employees, business partners, authorities and the media is indispensable in order to further optimize processes and behavior with regard to environmental impacts and occupational safety. We also expect the same from our suppliers and service providers.